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Wind Energy Roll Machine Lines by Ottotech Services

Wind Energy Roll Machine Lines

“High Productivity Package” for Wind Tower and Off-shore Foundations


The range of plate thicknesses used to manufacture the towers and foundations for the off-shore wind industry has increased significantly, compared to the on-shore towers, reaching over 140 mm (5.5”) for the foundations and 100 mm (4”) for the towers.  To contain costs and ensure competitiveness, all phases of construction of these steel structures are carefully engineered, by defining all the parameters that must be considered in the manufacturing process.

MCB Z -42 DAVI Wind Tower Line machine by Ottotech Services


Davi has responded  to the need for accuracy and high productivity of the wind industry, by engineering the Wind Tower bending machine HIGH PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE, initially a dedicated system to produce on-shore towers and then its natural evolution for foundations and offshore structures.


A number of dedicated handling devices (many are Davi patents), installed on the DAVI four roll Wind Tower bending machine, allow a single operator to roll a steel plate into a cylindrical or conical section in less than 10-15 minutes, in one pass through the rolls, observing the highest geometric tolerances required by the industry.

Due to the high accuracy of the system, in accordance with the highest manufacturing tolerances, the next phase of the can’s re-rolling can be avoided, which greatly shortens the production cycle.

MCB Z -42 DAVI Wind Tower Line machine by Ottotech Services
MCB Z -42 DAVI Wind Tower Line machine by Ottotech Services


Through handling devices, the Wind Tower bending machine HIGH PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE manages the alignment of the plate, quickly and easily, still by one only operator, to prepare the rolled can for tack welding which is performed on the machine itself.


The whole Wind Tower bending machine HIGH PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE is managed by the industry’s most advanced numerical control, the "DAVI-iRoll© PLUS on iPad". The control can run programs to handle batches of production with an excellent level of automation, and can also be programmed by remote. NASA awarded it with a “Certificate of Appreciation”  for having built the new Ares and Orion missiles and nacelle to replace the Space Shuttle.


The High Productivity Package, combined with the DAVI four roll plate rolling machine, assures the highest accuracy, performance and production, making it the undisputed most efficient solution in the wind energy market.

To date, there are over 200 Davi machines in the world exclusively working for the wind energy sector. These numbers underline the undisputed leadership of the DAVI solution in this strategic renewable energy market.

DAVI Wind Tower Line machine by Ottotech Services

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