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DAVI 3 Rolls Plate Roll Machine by Ottotech Services

3 Rolls Plate Roll Machine

DAVI Plate Rolling/ Hydraulic Machine/ 3 Roll / MAV/ Variable geometry 
DAVI Plate Rolling / Hydraulic Machines / 3 Roll / MCO / Pyramidal geometry


The three Roll Pyramidal DAVI MCO is the most common design in the industry, with the top roll fixed, and the two side rolls that move up and down to pre-bend the edges, and to roll the plates

MCO, economical roll for plates by Ottotech Services


The most economical roll for plates from 15-20 mm thickness up to 80-100 mm, and it is recommended for limited production volumes where the operators’ skills are a must.

The MCO is called “double pinch” because it performs the pre-bending of both ends of the plate without removing the material from the machine (impossible on any single initial pinch, asymmetric design).


As the side rolls raise widely and drop to pre-bend the two edges, the large free access allows you to form a high stock bar through the rolls, compared to other roll designs.

The three rolls are powered with three independent hydraulic motors, directly splined on the roll shafts, providing the most powerful torque transmission, and ensuring excellent plate feeding without the risk of plate slipping.

MCO DAVI, 3 roll plates powered with three independent hydraulic motors
MCO DAVI, 3 roll plates by Ottotech Services


Other plate roll manufacturers have only the top roll OR only the two side rolls powered, making it difficult to feed properly with thin, narrow or large diameter cylinders. The idle rolls can be powered but only on request, and with small and low powered auxiliary motors.

All three rolls are efficiently safety braked, automatically, and hydraulically instead of using low efficiency, consumable brake linings common to other brands.


A 3-roll variable-axis plate rolling machine operating principle is conceptually like that of a press-brake with the top roll pressing the plate between the two side rolls. However, a 3-roll bending machine is much more flexible and accurate, as it can  vary the distance between the bottom rolls. The DAVI MAV allows for individual, horizontal movement of both side rolls and vertical movement of the top roll. Additionally, each one of the 3 rolls feature rotation drives and can be tilted in every direction for cone bending.

DAVI MAV 3 roll plates machine by Ottotech Services


Particularly on a 3-roll machine, it is of great importance to hold as much grip as possible on the plate. Featuring standard motorised top and side rolls, DAVI all-rolls-drive technology guarantees the optimum torque transmission to the plate and distribution between hydraulic motors.


As a result, no mechanical brakes need to be installed; Roll speed is automatically and hydraulically synchronised; no risk of plate slippage/falling during pre-bending and the plate can always be positioned at the tangent point to achieve the shortest flat end.


Forming cones is always a challenge. However, thanks to three fully tilting rolls we are able to make this very demanding operation as accurate and shift as possible. The DAVI pendular shaft-mounted gearbox configuration allows for stress-free tilting of the rolls up to 100 mm (4”) every 3 metres (10 feet) roll length.

MAV Cone Rolling by Ottotech Services
DAVI MAV by Ottotech Services


In combination with the standard three motorised rolls the DAVI MAV guarantees unparalleled performance in continuous cone rolling.


However, in the case of thick plates, the DAVI MAV will exhibit extraordinary cone forming performance due to the Progressive Bumping Mode. In this mode and similar to a press-brake, the cone will be formed by bumping the plate step-by-step with geometrical accuracy guaranteed by the exact positioning of all three rolls.

What Our Customers Say

Ben Holz, Bendworx

"As Australia’s leading steel processor, our machinery’s quality and capability are essential, and we need the best possible after-sales and ongoing support - I’m delighted to say that Ottotech Services provide all that and more. Their knowledge, passion, and pride in their work are obvious and appreciated, and we cannot recommend them highly enough."
  • Which machine is the most popular and why?
    The 4 roll machine is the most popular in plate rolls these days. This is due to the advantage of zero green (flat ends) on plates. The lower roll pinching gives the 4 rolls the option of high automation, reducing the manual process by the operator.
  • What plate roll is suggested for a thickness between 2 and 12 mm?
    The DAVI plate roll MCA – We’ll need more information such as steel name/grade- plate width and internal diameter, Make an enquiry here
  • What plate roll is suggested for thickness between 12 and 80 mm?
    The DAVI plate roll MCB – We’ll need more information such as steel name/grade- plate width and internal diameter, Make an enquiry here
  • What plate roll is suggested for thickness above 100 mm?
    The DAVI plate roll MAV – 3 rolls variable geometry is suggested for heavy thickness plates. We’ll need more information such as steel name/grade, plate width and internal diameter -Make an enquiry here
  • What is the correct machine for profile rolling?
    A DAVI angle roll MCP is perfect for rolling all kinds of profiles in ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ ways. We’ll need more information such as steel name/grade and profile dimensions. Make an enquiry here
  • Are you offering intelligent/plant with high automation?
    Yes, a DAVI MCA intelligent plant is a very popular machine with a high level of automation
  • What is the latest CNC Software available for plate rolls?
    The DAVI CNC – Extreme and Performance are DAVI’s latest and most advanced plate roll CNC available on the market.
  • Does Ottotech Services offer yearly maintenance services and retrofit of old plate rolls?
    Yes, Ottotech Services is the only agent in Australia and New Zealand offering a full end to end package. With more than 20 years of experience as a DAVI trained services engineer, we are the only experts able to install, fix, train and perform yearly maintenance services and the upgrade of old equipment with new electric and hydraulic systems.

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