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Ottotech Services, plate and angle roll specialist in Australia and New Zealand


Manuel Leiva, Schlam

We have been working with Davi since 2010 and the selection of the machine at that time was purely about its quality. Our commercial relationship went even better with Davi's Agent in Australia, Ottotech Services, through these years we have acquired 3 high-capacity roller machines and 1 angle roll, which allowed us to increase our production capacity and satisfy our customer demand.
Ottotech is a local and very knowledgeable supplier with a high level of technical support which facilitates the installation/commissioning process but also outstanding after sales support.
I'd recommend Davi not just because of the quality and their innovative equipment but mainly because Ottoctech`s customer service and technical support in Australia has been the key for us.

Ben Holz, Bendworx

As Australia’s leading steel processor, our machinery’s quality and capability are essential, and we need the best possible after-sales and ongoing support - I’m delighted to say that Ottotech Services provide all that and more. Their knowledge, passion, and pride in their work are obvious and appreciated, and we cannot recommend them highly enough.
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